Julien Mignot was born in 1981. Photographer, artist, collector, he belongs to the restricted family of photographers who hold a press card and also live from their art. His first reports catapulted him into the backstage of fashion shows, at barely 20 years old, he published in Elle. His vocation surpasses his studies, and even if he obtains a master in geography, he will make photography his profession.
Julien started with reportage and worked for Libération, Le Monde, Elle or Télérama, then became more and more international as he turned to portraiture, working for the New York Times, Vanity Fair, M du Monde, Express Style, O, D magazine, Sport and Style or the New Yorker. He also puts his eye to the service of record companies and signs the cover of many albums, while maintaining a precious eclecticism, from Claudio Abbado's classical music to Jeanne Added's pop music, including Izia, the Ebène quartet, Kiddi Smile, Rodolphe Burger or Yuksek.
There are few photographers able to respond to clients as diverse as Chanel, Hermes, Sony, Dom Perignon, Boucheron, Louis Vuitton, to collaborate with Xavier Dolan, the Philharmonic or the Paris Opera.
In 2018 his first book 96 Months was released by Editions Filigranes in 2019 it will be his first short film, Sous la Peau, with Victoire du Bois, Damien Bonnard and Mathieu Amalric. In 2020 he is preparing the shooting of the next one, Screenlove, after having delivered the video clip of Jeanne Added's entire album, Air.
Today Julien leaves more and more room for his personal work, to the delight of Galerie Intervalle which represents him. Julien Mignot's work is included in the collections of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, the Musée Nicéphore Nièpce and the Leica Foundation, as well as in numerous private collections.
The series "96 Months", "Before The Night is Over" and "Screenlove" are available at Intervalle Gallery. The series "Airline" is at the Esther Woerdehoff Gallery.

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