Antony Cairns (London, 1980) is a visual artist who has exhibited and published widely in Europe, the United States and Japan, in numerous galleries and in prestigious museums such as the Tate Modern in London in 2018. He won in 2015 Hariban Prize awarded by Benrido Collotype in Kyoto. His work combines tradition, experimentation and nostalgia for the origins of digital technology. Cairns produces unique pieces from its photographic corpus representing megalopolises like Tokyo, London or New York. Antony Cairns is both a master darkroom shooter and a brilliantly futuristic geek. He has mastered both a range of traditional experimental processes and printing processes on obsolete digital media. The CTY project, his obsession, consists of photographing megalopolises around the world. It comes in different series including The Computer Punch Cards and E.I. Screens.

Computer Punch Cards are unique pieces, made up of 30, 70 or 108 memory cards that supplied the first computer. These pastel-toned punch cards are found in old stock by Cairns. Pinned like the pieces of a puzzle, they reconstruct a city photographed preferably at night and in neon light. These cards, guardians of the memory of early computers, act as relics and produce mysterious but familiar imagery. Digital vestiges, they give birth to an organic, timeless city, recognizable across borders and cultures.

The E.I. series features electronic ink screens. Antony Cairns hacks them to download a photograph of his corpus. This screen is then encapsulated in a Plexiglas box, creating a cube sculpture, a ghostly witness of the famous but undefined city, recognizable across cultures.

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Antony Cairns CTY_TYO3-TYO4, Webber Gallery, London, England

Antony Cairns: TYO3-TYO4, Akio Nagasawa Gallery, Tokyo , Japan


Antony Cairns CTY-TYO3, Stieglitz 19, Antwerp, Belgium


Touchstone, The Photographers’ Gallery, London, England

Antony Cairns: CTY, Akio Nagasawa Gallery, Tokyo, Japan


Independent Brussels (represented by Roman Road), Vanderborght Building, Brussels,Belgium

The Tale of Adam Earl Gordons, Théâtre de Verdure (part of Festival Images Vevey),Vevey, Switzerland

NADA New York (represented by Roman Road), Skylight Clarkson Sq, New York, USA


TYO2-LDN4, Roman Road, London, England Antony Cairns, Stieglitz 19, Antwerp, Belgium


Antony Cairns: Process II, daikanyama photo fair (represented by Roman Road), Tokyo,Japan

OSC - Osaka Station City, Roman Road, London, England

LA-LV / LDN Process, SferaExhibition (part of KYOTOGRAPHIE), Kyoto, Japan


 E.I. / Transition, Roman Road, London, England


 LDN, Roman Road, London, England

 LDN, Stieglitz 19, Antwerp, Belgium


LDN, Rencontres d’Arles, Arles, France

Dalston Takeover, Victoria & Albert Museum,

London, England



What Remains, Encounter Contemporary, London England


Expired, Sara Kay Gallery, New York, USA. Curated by Maya Benton

Material Art Fair (represented by Roman Road),Frontón México, Mexico City, Mexico


Through the Looking Glass, Cob Gallery, London, England

Artificial Impressions, Stedelijk Museum Breda, Breda, The Netherlands

My London, Copeland Gallery (part of Peckham24), London, England. Curated by Emma Bowkett

Photo London (represented by Roman Road), Somerset House, London, England

London Nights, Museum of London, London, England

Shape of Light: 100 Years of Photography and Abstract Art, Tate Modern, London, England


A Matter of Memory: Photography as Object in the Digital Age, George Eastman Museum, New York, USA

TOUCHED – Craftsmanship in Contemporary Photography, Museum Het Schip (part ofUnseen Photo Festival), Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Curated by Anton Corbijn


Abstracts, HONORÉ at Galerie RueVisconti, Paris, France

Abstracts, Copperfield, London, England. Curated by Inès de Bordas and Alix Janta-


Memory Lab: Photography challenges history, Mudam, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg


Unseen Photo Fair (represented by Stieglitz 19), Amsterdam, The Netherlands

AM projects, Photobastei, Zurich, Switzerland


Collected Shadows , Contact Festival, Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto, Canada

Collected Shadows , Presentation House Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

ICP Triennial, International Centre of Photography, New York, USA

TIFF Festival 2013, Wroclaw Contemporary Museum, Wroclaw, Poland


Collected Shadows, Paris Photo (represented by The Archive of Modern Conflict), Paris, France

Middlesex, Picturae’s Paris Photo (represented by The Archive of Modern Conflict), Paris, France



Hyundai Card GapadoAir residency


Images Vevey Special Jury Prize


Grand Prize Winner of the Hariban Award

Paris Photo – Aperture Foundation PhotoBook of the Year (Shortlisted)


Special Prize Winner of the Hariban Award


Kassel Best Photobook (Shortlisted)


Computer Punchcards Selected Artworks Catalogue, Part 1, 2020 (Self-published)

CTY, Antony Cairns and Simon Baker, 2018 Akio Nagasawa Publishing

CTY, Antony Cairns and Simon Baker, 2018,Morel Books

TYO2, Antony Cairns, 2017, GOLIGA

LDN4, Antony Cairns, 2017 (Self-published)

TYO2-LDN4 Slide Viewer, Antony Cairns, 2017 (Self-published)

Nightcity, Antony Cairns 2017 Kominek Books

LA-LV, Antony Cairns, 2016, Kominek Books

OSC [Osaka Station City], Antony Cairns, 2016 (Self-published)

LDN EI, Antony Cairns, 2015 (Self-published)

LDN3, Antony Cairns, 2014, AMC Books

LDN2, Antony Cairns, 2013, AMC Books

LPT, Antony Cairns, 2012, AMC Books

LDN, Antony Cairns, 2010, AMC Books