Olivier Degorce

05/25/2018 - 07/07/2018
Have a Good Trip!

1991-1999:the decade of raves coincided with my second round on earth, my second decade. A benevolent Fate made my age of first formative experiences coincide with the discovery of a new sound, a new way of going out, of partying, of taking drugs (or not). This way of partying suited me because it was diverse, didn?t have a name yet, it was free because it had yet to be defined, unclassified because it defied all labels by the fusions it promised and sadly came to promote. In the 90s, this was a space for infinite possibilities, for different ways of living. We were too young to be stuck with any kind of certainties, too green to be blas, too enthusiastic not to want to try everything. More than the music, the parties, the stimulants, it was the crossover, the diversity that whipped everything together perfectly. I didn?t understand what was happening right away, I came from rock and new wave, but I caught the second wave, mid-90s, and it swept me away ? I don?t remember everything, but I know it had a new taste of Freedom, of a shared bubble and collective autism. That decade shaped many of us. To quote our friend Shakespeare: We are such stuff as dreams are made on. Olivier Degorce?s photos are a perfect soft immersion into the blissful interlude we were slowly building; especially the ones in wide angle where the anonymity and the mix of people and styles take precedence. (Xanae Bov, 2018)

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