Guillaume Delleuse, born in 1986 in Marseille, lives and works in Brussels. A visual artist who graduated from the Beaux Arts de Marseille and the ENSP d'Arles, he came to the attention of the Rencontres de la Photographie d'Arles in 2016, where he exhibited the first works in his long-form series soberly entitled Corpus. Guillaume Delleuse shares with Russian avant-gardist Alexander Rodchenko an architectural vision, and with mystical artists a mannerless, timeless aesthetic. "Corpus" as a set of images serving as the basis for a subject of study. "Corpus" is Latin for "body", the artist's obsession. It's not the body that floods our screens for its plasticity, but the body as the transcendent mystery of our being. The artist recognizes in scenes of life the body of Christ on the cross, the skin and its stigmata, recurring motifs in his work. He photographs as he meets people, sometimes using flash, at the risk of provoking a confrontation with his subject. Guillaume Delleuse makes his own prints and lithographs.

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Post diploma New York International center of photography
Master 2 National School of Photography Arles
Bachelor of Fine Arts Marseille
Professional B.E.P and B.A.C Lycée Blaise Pascal Marseille

Exhibitions and Residences
2022 - 2nov-24déc Fondation Manuel Ortiz (Arles)
2022 - avril 100% l'Exxpo à la Villette (Paris) 2019 Collective exhibition Galerie Maupetit Marseille (curated by Juliette Vignon) 2018 Collective exhibition Galerie Art bartschi & cie Geneva 2018 Human Rights Prize Exhibition at Les Fil des images Orléans. 2018 Group exhibition at ENSP Arles (curated by Juliette Vignon) 2018 BIP Liège Festival Exhibition (curated by Juliette Vignon) 2017 Collective exhibition Galerie Double V Marseille 2017 Exhibition Galerie Intervalle Paris (Solo) 2016 Exhibition Galerie Double V Marseille 2016 International residency center of photography New-York 2016 Surface exhibition Galerie Agnès b Paris (curated by Alexandre Quelle) 2016 Exhibition meets photography Arles (curated by Anna Planas) 2016 Exhibition Photographic walk of Vendôme 2015 Residency at the History Museum of Crete (Heraklion) 2015 WIP Arles Exhibition Saint Julien Church 28 rue Saint Jacques