When Damian arrived from Poland at the age of 22 in 2014, with no knowledge of French and having grown up in a village far removed from the cultural bustle of a metropolis, he was soon searching for his path and identity as an artist. Having a long practice of photography, he started working as a freelance photographer. In 2020, due to the pandemic, he took advantage of his free time to go through his personal archives, which included not only a wealth of photographs, but also the poems he had written since the age of 13, first in Polish, then in English from 2011, and discovered between poems and photos a common thread that had previously eluded him. This is how Gossamer was born, a book that gathers 150 photos and 43 poems that illustrate his world of the last seven years and reflects the emotions that inspire him the beauty of the male body, the austere landscapes of Iceland, the images of his country that haunted his youth, some moments of his new life in Paris or scenes of nature that remain printed on his retina. Gossamer is therefore the testimony of a young man in his twenties who seeks to define his identity as an artist.

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gossamer (solo show)
21 October ?
22 November 2022, Rue de Seine, Paris

BLOSSOM (a group show)
2 ? 30 July 2022, Gallery Rabouan Moussion, Paris
6 August ? 15 September 2022, Gallery Rabouan Moussion, La Baule ? Escoublac

gossamer, photos et poe?mes (solo show)
10 ? 24 March 2022, Loft d?Andre?e Putman, Paris

De Calder a? Koons, bijoux d?artistes. La collection ide?ale de Diane Venet

7 March ? 9 September 2018, Muse?e des Arts De?coratifs, Paris

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Hardcover, 416 pages, gossamer editions, ISBN: 978-2-9579817-0-0 Date of publication: 10 March 2022

March 2022: Prix Vendo?me Circle for photography
June 2022: Rencontres d?Arles Book Award 2022 shortlist for
gossamer in photo-text category Education:

2014 - Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland
Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Culture Studies
Major subject:
Street Photography in the USA. Analysis of Diane Arbus?s and Vivian Maier?s Works.